Refund Policy

In the event of a cancellation or termination of services with Viaero Wireless no refund will be considered until completion of the next full billing cycle.  In the event the final invoice shows a credit balance due to customer, including payments, deposits and other funds, a refund may be received for such credit balance by calling Customer Care at 1-877-484-2376 and requesting a refund.  Requests for refund are processed once per week and in the event of: (i) cash payment was received, checks are usually mailed within 4 weeks, (ii) payment by check, checks are mailed within approximately 4 weeks of the date the check clears the Viaero Wireless bank account, or (iii) in the event a credit card or other electronic payment was made, cleared the Viaero Wireless bank account and beyond any refund, charge-back or payment revocation period for such credit or electronic payment system or vendor.  Prepaid accounts are for the term paid and no refund is given on prepaid accounts.  In the event you receive a refund check and thereafter revoke or suspend a payment in any form, the lessor of the refund amount or balance due bust be returned within 5 days of notice of such amount due or collection proceedings will be commenced.