Our service is way beyond local

Viaero provides the best local coverage in our neighborhoods. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Find Coverage in Your Neighborhood

Living, working, and playing in the Viaero community lets you make the most of our fast and reliable network. And thanks to our partnerships with national and global carriers, you’ll be covered when you travel.

Your Questions, Answered

Our partner coverage allows your phone to work when you travel outside Viaero’s home network. Many of our plans include nationwide talk, text, and data. Our premium Unlimited plans also include coverage in Mexico and Canada. In most cases, we won’t charge you extra for using your phone within our partners’ networks.

It will depend on your calling plan and the call itself. If you are calling from an area to a number covered by your plan, you should not have to pay extra. However, if you’re calling from a location or to a number that’s not covered under your plan, we may bill you for additional charges.

Through our GlobalConnect partnerships, Viaero provides international travel options for your phone. You can view our GlobalConnect coverage here.

Yes, we offer cruise ship coverage through one of our partners. Learn more about available voice and data packages here [insert link to Cruise Ship Roaming doc].

Before you leave, please contact Customer Service at 611 from your Viaero phone or 1-877-484-2376 from any phone.