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Your questions, answered.

Most of today’s phones will work on any network around the globe. However, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-484-2376 before you travel to let us know. We may need to add certain features to your account or calling plan.

The best way to dial back to the U.S. is to use +1 (area code) phone number. For example, to dial Customer Service, you would dial +1-877-484-2376. To use the “+” sign, press and hold 0 on your keypad until the “+” appears. International calling rates will apply and are listed on the Global Connect feature page.

If you’re not on Viaero’s local network, using VoLTE roaming or VoWiFi, you can only call other countries if you have the Global Connect feature, which is $10/month. You’ll incur charges per text or per minute for voice calls. Calls to Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico will not be free if you are not on Viaero’s local network. Rates vary from country to country.

Yes, where data is available. However, pictures and videos will quickly use a significant amount of data. We recommend using social media minimally or only while connected to Wi-Fi. Rates may vary from country to country.

Yes, as long as data is available. Receiving text messages is free. If you send or receive a picture message via MMS (multimedia message service) with the phone’s built-in messaging app, it will be charged as a text message. Sending or receiving a picture message via iMessage or another messaging app will be charged as data.

Your usage will typically appear on within 3 days. Please be aware that in rare cases, the charges may take up to 30 days to appear.

Yes, in most countries. However, some networks do not offer call forwarding. If your phone is turned on, you may incur charges for the time it takes to forward a call to your voicemail.

You can access your voicemail as you would at home. Viaero provides calls to voicemail for free. Visual voicemail retrieval will be charged as data usage.

Dial 611 from your mobile phone for free or +1-877-484-2376 from any phone. To use the “+” sign, press and hold 0 on your keypad until the “+” appears. International calling rates will apply for calls made to the 877 number are listed on the Global Connect feature page.

1Data speeds will be limited and may not be available on some networks.
2Rates listed may at times differ from the rate you will be charged due to changes in carrier agreements, calling remote or isolated regions of a country, or other factors.