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Global Connect

Money Saving Guide: 6 Ways to Avoid Surprises on Your Wireless Bill

 Traveling internationally? Learn how to save money with our quick guide!

  1. Use free WiFi networks to reduce your data charges. Also, turn off WiFi Assist. 
  2. Check to see when your network displays as “Viaero WiFi.” When this shows, we will bill the call as though you were on Viaero’s network.Once you enable WiFi calling, turn on Airplane Mode and connect to a WiFi network. Wait about 30 seconds before placing your call. 
  3. Apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, Google Hangouts, and Visual Voicemail use data and are charged at the per MB rate instead of the voice rate. The voice rate will cost less in the preferred countries listed on our Global Connect feature page. 
  4. Receiving text messages is free, but receiving voice calls is not! Ask your friends and family to text you if needed. You can call them back once you’re able to make a WiFi call. 
  5. While traveling on a cruise ship, it is significantly cheaper to buy the ship’s WiFi package than to use mobile data. To prevent you from receiving an extremely high bill, we have blocked the use of mobile data on cruise ships. If you would like data services, please purchase the cruise ship’s data package.
  6. If your data loads slowly or maps, pictures and web pages do not load at all, we recommend waiting until you are on WiFi or in a new location. Data that is constantly attempting to load can quickly add to your bill.
Remember to follow these tips while you’re abroad to keep your bill as low as possible. Please contact us at 611 or +1-877-484-2376 if something doesn’t work or if you have questions. We want to do everything we can to help make your international calling experience fantastic!

International Roaming with Global Connect FAQ

1. Will my phone work while traveling internationally?

Most modern phones are capable of using any network worldwide. Click here to check compatibility for each model. To see a list of countries where Viaero offers coverage and the rates, click here. Coverage in many countries is limited to populated areas and major roadways.


2. How do I dial back to the U.S. while traveling internationally? How much will it cost?

The best way to dial back to the U.S. is to use +1 (area code) phone number. For example, to dial Customer Service, you would dial +1-877-484-2376. To use the “+” sign, press and hold 0 on your keypad until the “+” appears. International calling rates will apply and are listed on our Global Connect feature page.


3. Can I call other countries while traveling internationally?

Yes, international calling rates will apply and are listed on our Global Connect feature page. You must dial “+” (country code) full phone number.

4. Can I access the internet while traveling internationally and how much does it cost?

Yes, where data is available. Data is available in most countries, but not necessarily on all networks. We recommend using WiFi as much as possible to reduce your costs. Visit our GlobalConnect feature pageto see our international data rates.

5. Can I send and receive text messages while roaming internationally and what is the charge?

Yes, as long as data is available. If you send or receive a picture message via MMS (multimedia message service) with the phone’s built-in messaging app, it will be charged as a text message. Sending or receiving a picture message via iMessage or another messaging app will be charged as data.

6. How can I check my pending international charges? How long will it take?

Your usage will typically appear on myviaero.com within 3 days. Please be aware that in rare cases, it is possible for the charges to take up to 30 days to appear.

7. Will someone be able to leave me a voicemail while I’m traveling internationally?

Yes, in most countries. However, some networks do not offer call forwarding. If your phone is turned on, you may incur charges for the duration of a call forwarded to voicemail. You will not be charged when your phone is turned off or in Airplane Mode.

8. How do I access my voicemail while traveling internationally?

You can access your voicemail as you would at home. Viaero provides calls to voicemail for free. Visual voicemail retrieval will be charged as data.

9. How do I contact Customer Service while traveling internationally?

Dial 611 from your mobile phone or +1-877-484-2376 from any phone.

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