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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers. How can we help you?

Do you have questions about Viaero's Service or need help with your device? Want to know more about voicemail? Need help paying your bill? Or perhaps you have questions about our International Dialing and Roaming?

Please contact us if you still need an answer to your question.

Viaero's Service

1. Do I have to sign a service agreement with Viaero?

Yes, our wireless plans require service agreements.

2. Do I have to sign a long-term service contract with Viaero?

It depends. If you purchase a phone from us under certain conditions, you will be asked to sign a purchase contract. If you bring your own phone or buy a device at retail price, you won't be asked to sign a purchase contract.

Retail Price
If you buy a phone at retail price, there will not be a purchase contract for the device. However, when you purchase a phone, you will be reuired to pay the following.

  • Full cost of the phone
  • Taxes on the phone
  • Activation Fee

Bring Your Own Device
If you bring your own device, you will only have to pay an activation fee for the phone; however, there will not be a purchase agreement for the device. The only obligation that you will have to pay when you join Viaero is the activation fee.

Viaero NOW!
On Viaero NOW!, you can purchase a phone on an installment contract, enabling you to make low monthly payments on the device, and have the option to upgrade the device after 15 months, so long as your phone is in good working condition. You can choose to keep our phone once you pay off the retail or sale price. At the time of purchase for your phone, you'll have to pay:

  • First month payment 
  • Taxes on the cost of the phone
  • Activation Fee

After that, your monthly installments on the device will be made and included within your monthly billing cycle.

Discount Phones
During some promotions, purchasing a discounted phone might require a 24-month service contract with Viaero. We'll always tell you when that's the case, though, so you won't be surprised at checkout.

3. What is Viaero NOW! and how does it work?

Viaero NOW! logo
Viaero NOW! is an installment plan for your phone. If you would rather pay for your phone in monthly installments, instead of buying it outright, Viaero NOW! is for you. Every fifteen months, you'll have the chance to upgrade your phone. You do have to commit to a 30-month contract to get a Viaero NOW! price.

 Viaero NOW!  Retail Price   Bring Your Own Phone 
 Upfront Cost: First payment,
 taxes, and activation fee
 Upfront Cost: Full retail cost,
 taxes, and activation fee
 Upfront Cost: Activation fee
 Additional Payments: Monthly
 Additional Payments: None
 Additional Payments: None
 Early Upgrade​: Available after 30 days, 
 then every 15 months after
 Early Upgrade: Available any
 Early Upgrade: Available any
 Contract​: Installment purchase
 Contract: None
 Contract: None
 Early Termination​: Just pay off
 remaining installments
 Early Termination: None  Early Termination: None

All taxes for Viaero NOW! phones are based on the retail cost of the phone.

The Viaero NOW! contract only applies to your phone, not your phone plan. You can change phone plans with Viaero at any time, although certain rules may apply.

4. What are the Viaero NOW! requirements?

You need to sign up for one of our Unlimited or Share More plans before buying a phone on Viaero NOW! If you have been suspended for non-payment within the last six months, you will not qualify for Viaero NOW! Other restrictions apply.

If you are on another contract with Viaero, you may have to return your unlocked original equipment in good working order, cleared of all personal data.

5. Will Viaero pay my fees if I switch to Viaero from another carrier?

Yes, of course! If you're ready for a fast, reliable network, we're not going to ask you to wait! We'll give you up to $200 per line for up to five (5) lines. And if you want to get a new phone from us, we'll give you trade-in credit for your old phone.

A few conditions apply:

  • You have to sign up for our Unlimited or Share More plans.
  • You must bring your qualified postpaid number to Viaero (meaning you get to keep your number!).
  • You must fill out an ETF credit request within 90 days to get your credit.
  • You must have an account in good standing to be eligible for the $200 credit.
  • If you want to continue using your old phone, you just have to have a qualifying, unlocked smartphone or cell phone.
  • If you want to trade-in your phone, you need to bring in a qualifying, unlocked smartphone or cell phone to Viaero for inspection. It just has to be in good condition to get credit for a new phone. The credit will be applied to your bill over 24 months with the purchase of a phone under contract.

 To learn more about switching to Viaero, call our Customer Care team or find a store near you. If you have already switched, you must fill out an ETF credit request to get your credit. You can find the form here.

6. Does Viaero offer loyalty rewards?

Yes, we do! We appreciate your business and we want to thank you for staying with Viaero. If you are on Viaero NOW! or have a 24-month contract, you will be eligible for phone discounts on your twentieth month of service. The longer you stay with Viaero, the more rewards you'll get. You will get details in the mail from your sales associate when it's time to renew.

If you're on a 24-month contract, you'll get a $50 bill credit per eligible smartphone or tablet line you have with Viaero. For basic phones and other data equipment, you'll get a $25 bill credit.

If you're on Viaero NOW!, we'll give you the option to upgrade your phone up to four months early, and still keep your phone. That means you won't have to pay up to the last four monthly installments on your phone. Other restrictions apply, but just ask your associate for details.

7. Will my phone work on Viaero's network?

Yes, usually. If you switch to Viaero and bring your own phone, you just have to make sure your phone is compatible with our HSPA+ network and SIM cards. Some carriers, like Verizon, use different networks or don't use SIM cards.

Your phone is compatible with our network if it can operate on GSM 850/1900 mHz. It must be unlocked (you must own your phone if it is from another carrier).

Call our Customer Care team by dialing 611 or find a store near you to learn more.

8. Viaero is a local carrier. How much coverage will I get?

We're local, but we cover you from coast to coast. We have partnerships with AT&T and T-Mobile to cover you when you travel, and while we take care of your local coverage with our own towers and team. Check out our coverage map for more details.

9. Does Viaero charge roaming fees?

No, we do not charge roaming fees as long as you are in the United States. If you visit another country, you can buy international roaming coverage through Viaero Wireless.

10. If I switch to Viaero, can I keep my phone number?

Local Number Portability allows you to transfer your cell phone number to Viaero Wireless from any current cell phone provider, as long as the number is in one of our local service areas (Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska). While Viaero Wireless charges no additional fees beyond a new account setup to initiate this process, your existing cell phone provider may charge an early termination fee, depending on the status of your contract. Review your contract for details. In certain cases, the purchase of a new Viaero Wireless phone may also be required. Visit the FCC's website for more information.

11. Does Viaero support TTY calls?

Yes, Viaero's network and most cellular phones support TTY calls. For more information on how to enable TTY mode, click here

12. Does Viaero's network support VoLTE?

Yes, Viaero's network is Voice over LTE (VoLTE) enabled, which means you’ll be able to enjoy HD Voice-quality calls and faster connections between VoLTE-capable handsets that have an LTE connection.

  • All handsets Viaero currently sells are VoLTE-capable, but if you have an older handset it may not be. Check with your Viaero store representative to find out if your phone is VoLTE-capable.
  • Calls between two VoLTE-capable handsets for Viaero customers on Viaero’s LTE network will experience crystal clear audio.
  • Calls between a VoLTE-capable handset on Viaero’s network and a VoLTE-capable handset roaming on a third party VoLTE enabled network will also be crystal clear.

Paying Your Bill

1. How do I register for My Account (MyViaero)?

  1. Visit MyViaero.com
  2. Click the “Register Now” link in the upper right corner of the log in box. 
  3. Enter your account number and zip code when prompted. 
  4. Check your email for a secure link from do-not-reply@viaero.com. We send the email to the one you gave us when you signed up for your service at Viaero. The link expires within one hour, so check it as soon as possible.
  5. Click the link in the email to complete the registration process. You’ll need your account number.

You will recieve your temporary password via text message. Please change your temporary password to a more secure one that you can remember

2. What is Autopay?

Autopay is a recurring monthly payment for your cell phone bill. Instead of remembering to pay your bill every month, you can set up the payment and rest easy.

When combined with a Share More plan, if you sign up with an Electronic Funds Transfer from a checking or saving account, you'll get a one-time $35 credit. If you sign up with a credit card, you'll get a one-time $25 credit.

When combined with an Unlimited Data HD or Unlimited Data HD Plus plan and with eBill (electronic billing), get a $5 monthly discount for one line, or $10 monthly discount for multiple lines.

You will see your bill credit after your second successful payment on autopay.

3. How do I enroll in Autopay?

Visit MyViaero.com, log in to your account. (If you do not have an online account, you need to register for one.)

  1. Under the Bill and Payment tab, click Add Payment Account
  2. Select the "Set as Autopay"
  3. Choose your preferred method of payment
  4. Enter your bank routing information when prompted

4. What is eBill?

eBill is an electronic bill. Instead of getting a bill in the mail, we just email you your monthly statement. When we print and mail bills to you, we waste a lot of paper. We mean, a lot of paper. To take a little burden off of our environment, and your time, we offer eBill as a free service. It is required on some Viaero phone plans, so you may already be signed up. If you have not, visit MyViaero.com to register.

Regardless of your phone plan, you will receive a summary statement every month, which includes your amount due and your bill due data. eBill gives you the full detail of your charges.

5. How do I enroll in eBill?

Please contact customer support at 877-484-2376 to setup your eBill.

6. Can I still get a full paper statement mailed to me?

Yes, but it will add $1.95 to your monthly bill.

We really don't want to waste paper.

5. Does Viaero charge for returned checks?

Yes, Viaero will charge for insufficient funds and/or returned checks. Fees vary by location. Please see chart below.

State  Fee by State Viaero Collection Fee  Total Fee Charged 
 CO  $20  $20  $40
 NE  $35  $20  $55
 KS  $30  $20  $50
 WY  $30  $20  $50
 SD  $40  $20  $60

Robocall Protection

1. What is Viaero Wireless doing to help stop robocalls?

We’ve partnered with Transaction Network Services (TNS) to implement a solution that identifies robocalls before they reach your phone. TNS works wireless carriers to prevent fraudulent, abusive, intrusive, and unlawful calls from getting through to their customers.

2. Will all robocalls be blocked?

The solution we’re putting into place will block calls classified as Scammer/Potential Fraud.

Calls rated as Scammer/Potential Fraud come from those who deliberately violate state and federal laws regarding auto-dialers. These callers may also be attempting to commit identity theft or fraud.

Additionally, calls rated as Spammer will go straight to voicemail. These calls may be in violation of state or federal laws regarding auto-dialers and could be considered as telemarketing.

Spoofers also fall into the category of Spammer and will go straight to voicemail. These types of calls knowingly use misleading or inaccurate Caller ID information.

3. What if I am still receiving robocalls or unwanted calls?

The analytics and technology behind the robocall protection solution is not 100%. As time passes, the technology will become more adept at blocking a wider range of unwanted calls. You can report unwanted calls to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) online at consumercomplaints.fcc.gov.

We also strongly advise that you do not answer any calls from phone numbers you do not recognize.

4. Who can I contact if I have questions?

For additional questions, you may call 222 from your Viaero phone to reach our Tier 2 technical support representatives.

You can also reach out to your local Viaero Store or call us at 1-877-484-2376 for assistance in reaching our Tier 2 representatives.

5. Can subscribers use Viaero's network to make robocalls?

Subscribers are not allowed to use Viaero's network to make illegal calls per the service terms and conditions.

Voicemail Support

1. What is Viaero VMail?

Viaro VMail is a visual voicemail system available for free to all Apple and Android users. Instead of listening to a spoken menu prompt, you can select which messages you want to hear in the order you want to hear them from an app on your phone.

For Apple users, the app is already installed on your phone. Android users have to download the free app from Google Play.

Download on Google Play

2. What is Viaero VMail Premium?

Like Viaero VMail, VMail Premium allows you to access your messages through an app rather than calling your voicemail box. VMail Premium is an extra $3/month per line, because you also get automatic transcripts an storage for up to 100 messages instead of 25. Read your voicemail messages like texts and save more messages for later.

If you're in meetings, a noisy environment, or can't listen to your voicemail often, transcribed voicemail messages are helpful. Once you try it, you'll never want to listen to voicemail again.

At this time, VMail Premium is only available for Android users. Apple operating systems do not support transcription at this time.

3. I'm an Apple user. How do I set up VMail?

  1. Select the voicemail icon from your call screen.
  2. Follow the instructions to set a password.
  3. Record a new greeting.


4. I'm an Android user. How do I set up VMail?

  1. Download the Viaero VMail app from the Google Play Store. Your phone needs to have Android 4.2 or higher installed. Download on Google Play
  2. Enter your 10-digit Viaero phone number as your username.
  3. Enter your voicemail password as your password. If you have never set up your voice mailbox before, use the last four digits of your phone number.
  4. Enter the last four digits of your phone number as your temporary PIN.
  5. Enter a new PIN when prompted.

5. How do I create a personal greeting on the Viaero VMail app?

  1. Select the menu button in the upper left corner.
  2. Select settings.
  3. Select the plus sign (+) to add a new greeting. The greeting that is checked is the one that is active.
  4. Press "record" to record your new greeting. You must enter a description.
  5. Press "add" to save your greeting or "cancel" to discard and start over.


6. I don't want to use VMail. How do I set up my traditional voicemail?

  1. Press and hold 1 to dial your phone number from your phone.
  2. Follow the prompts to create a password.
  3. Record your name or greeting.


7. Can I still call my voicemail box if I use VMail?

Yes, you can. Just call your own phone number from your Viaero phone (or press and hold 1).

8. Can I access my voicemail messages online?

Yes! Visit vm.viaero.com and enter your phone number and password. You can listen to your voicemail message and manage other voicemail settings.

9. What are the Viaero voicemail menu prompts?

If you don't like listening to voice prompts, here is the complete list of voicemail prompt options:

  • Press 1 to listen to messages
  • Press 1 to play the message
  • Press 2 to save the message
  • Press 3 to delete the message
  • Press 0 to hear other message options
  • Press 3 to send a message to the inbox
  • Press 7 to play the current date and time
  • Press 9 to change the settings on your voicemail
  • Press 1 to access greeting options
    • Press 1 to play your current greeting
    • Press 2 to record a new greeting
    • Press 3 to delete the current greeting
  • Press 2 to change your password
  • Press 5 to change your prompt language
  • Press 8 to record your name
  • Here are some shortcuts for common voicemail actions:
  • Press 9-1-2 to record a new greeting
  • Press 9-2 to change your password
  • Press 9-4 to play messages automatically
  • Press 9-5 to change your prompt language

International Calling and Roaming

1. How do I make an international call?

Dial 011, followed by the country code, and the phone number you want to reach. You will be charged per minute for the call. Rates vary from country to country.

Check what it costs to dial and text internationally.

2. What does it cost to call internationally from Viaero's network?

If you're on Viaero's local network, you can call and text Mexico and Canada for free. If you're calling or texting another country, you'll be charged per minute or per text. Rates vary from country to country.

If you're not on Viaero's local network, you can call and text other countries if you have the Global Connect feature, which is $10/month. You will be charged per minute or per text. Calls to Mexico and Canada will not be free if you are not on Viaero's network. Rates vary from country to country.

Check what it costs to dial and text internationally.

3. Can I use my phone while travelling internationally?

Yes, but only if you have activated Global Connect on your line. We never want to surprise you with fees, so you will have no service if you travel without adding Global Connect. Global Connect is just $10 a month and you can add or remove it anytime.

4. What does it cost to use my phone while I'm roaming internationally?

Calling, texting, and data rates vary from country to county. Rates are determined by country, even when you're calling back to the United States from wherever you are.
Calls are billed by minute and texts are billed individually. Using data (accessing the internet) internationally can get expensive quickly, so we recommend using Wi-Fi and turning off mobile data unless it is an emergency.

5. Can I send and receive picture messages while roaming internationally?

Unfortunately, not at this time. If you're connected to Wi-Fi, you can send and recieve photos through other messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts.

6. Can I receive and check voicemails while roaming internationally?

Yes, but international roaming charges apply. We recommend you keep your phone switched off or in airplane mode if you're not using it. If someone calls and leaves a voicemail, your call will be forwarded back to the United States to leave a voicemail, so you'll get charged twice for one call. If your phone is off or in airplane mode, the call will go directly to your voicemail without it being routed internationally.

If you need to check your voicemail while roaming internationally, you can call your voicemail normally. International roaming charges will apply.

7. Can I check international roaming charges before I get my bill?

Yes, you can check your charges by logging into your MyViaero account. Please keep in mind that it can take 1-3 days for the charges to appear on your account.

8. What if I need help with my phone or service while traveling?

Good news! If you dial 611 from your Viaero phone, you can reach our Customer Care team for free. You can also dial 1-877-484-2376 or 011-970-467-3299 to get to our Customer Care team.

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