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Frequently Asked Questions about Discounts

You've got questions about our service discounts, we've got answers. How can we help you?

Do you have questions about Viaero's Service or need help with your device? Want to know more about voicemail? Need help paying your bill? Or perhaps you have questions about our International Dialing and Roaming?

Please contact us if you still need an answer to your question.

General Discount Program Questions

1. Why are some customers eligible for a service discount?

  • Viaero has separate service discounts for teachers, Armed Forces employees, First Responders55+ Customers, Nurses, Government Employees, Higher Education Students, andViaero Premier Business Employees. With this discount and others, we extend recognition to those that significantly give back to our communities through their lifetime of service and their profession, even during times of collective stress, crises, and urgent need
  • For customers who do not qualify for one of these service discounts, you may be eligible for other discounts or programs that can help reduce your monthly service charges. Please check with a sales representative at your nearest Viaero store or give us a call at 877-484-2376 or by dialing 611 from your Viaero phone

2. What does the discount include?

  • Get 15% off your monthly cellular service charges for the primary account holder’s line of service, and with Armed Forces and First Responders immediate family members’ lines of service as well
  • The discount remains active as long as you can submit proof of your employment status 

4. I'm already a Viaero customer. How can I start getting this discount?

You can submit a copy of your pay stub or ID in person. Click here to locate your nearest Viaero store.

5. I’m not a current Viaero customer. What do I need to do to activate service and my discount?

Call 877-842-3765 or Find a Local Store

6. How can I verify my discount is being applied?

You can view your discounts for your lines on your bill under the 'Discounts' section of each line on the account.

7. What other Viaero discounts can I combine with this discount?

You may also combine our eBill/AutoPay discount as well as our internet/smartphone bundle discounts with your 15% discount, which is applied after the other discounts are applied..

Call our Customer Care team by dialing 611 or find a store near you to learn more.

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