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Device Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our expansive FAQ listings to troubleshoot issues, get functionality tips, learn about downloading, manage images and video, find information about plans and roaming options, check usage, and get the most from your wireless experience:

1. Why has my internet stopped working all of a sudden?

Possible Causes:
• Mobile data is turned off
• Customer is roaming, or a recent plan change call 222
• Maybe a filter or drop down box with Android or Iphone or unit(residential units)
• Ex – settings, wireless and networks, more, mobile networks, make sure the packet data has a checkmark by it, if it does go to access point names and check to see if the internet apn is programmed, apn should be internet.vedge.com
• Check for internet indicator in notification bar to see if you have H, G, E or 3G

2. If I want to purchase a smartphone through someone else and bring to Viaero what are the requirements of the phone?

• GSM 850/1900 mHz
• Phone must be Unlocked

3. How do I unlock a Viaero supplied phone?

• Phone must be paid for in full
• Call our support line at 877-484-2376 so we can check the phone and unlock it if a qualifying device

4. How do I manually switch my network from 2g to 4g or find a different carrier while roaming?

• Settings, wireless and network, more, mobile networks, network mode, select which ever you would prefer from 2g/4g, 2g only or 4g only.
• Settings, wireless and network, more, mobile networks, network operators, select automatically if/when possible.

5. I can’t get my picture messages, they ask me to go to a website, sometimes ask me to download them.

• Make sure the mobile data is on, pictures can only download when you have access to Viaero network.
• Check to make sure that the mms settings are populated.
• Check the internet apn settings, make sure that it is the one selected.


6. My email does not work, how do I get that fixed.

• Check your internet connection and make sure that is working.
• If you changed your password you will also have to change it on the phone.
• Access your email from a computer and double check that the login information you are using matches with what you are using on the phone.
• Make certain that your sync is turned on.

7. How do I get I-message or FaceTime to work.

• Make sure that the feature is turned on under settings
• Either way you try to send you will have to send by using the Apple® id of the receiver.
• When someone sends you a message, make sure they are sending it to your apple id.
• Make a FaceTime call by using your apple id instead of your phone number.

8. How do I get my Wi-Fi to work with my router?

• First make sure your Wi-Fi is on (should be an antenna light to the right of the green or orange light, if it is not on there is a wifi button on the front of your unit that you will need to press and hold for 3 seconds and release), your computer should see the Wi-Fi network.
• When you first connect the Wi-Fi connection you will have to put in a password, it is located on the bottom of the unit and is case sensitive.
• You may have to rename the Wi-Fi connection on the router if there is an authentication issue.
Password is case sensitive.

9. One of my applications keep force closing, and it stops me from doing other things on the phone.

• Try to clear the cache and data on the app that is having problems,
• If that does not work, then uninstall any updates for the app by…settings, apps, manage apps…
• If the app is a preinstalled app then you may have to disable it, otherwise uninstall it and see if the issue resolves.
• Finally you will have to factory reset your phone, make sure you back it up first.

10. How do I back up my phone?

• Connect your phone to your computer via the included micro-USB cable, and it will show up as an external hard drive.
• Now just click and drag anything and everything to a folder on your computer or laptop.
• For photos you’ll be heading to Android > DCIM or Camera > and dragging all of your photos and video to back them up on your PC.
• If you have a Gmail account you can always back up the phone through Gmail and Google+

11. Can I use my smartphone as a hotspot?

• With some models we are able to provide the apn needed for the Hotspot to work.
• Most models you will have to go into settings and turn on the hotspot and go into configurations so that you find the password.
• Please call 611 or 222 for apn settings or visit a local Viaero store.

12. How do you block a call?

• Android phone: phone icon, settings, call call rejection, add number and save.
• iPhone phone: settings, phone, blocked, add number.

13. How do I forward and unforward calls?

• Android phone: phone icon, settings, more settings, voice call, then choose which forwarding option that you need and enter the phone number to forward to.
• iPhone phone: settings, phone, call forwarding, turn it on and enter the phone number to forward to.

14. How do I setup my voicemail?

• Press and hold the "1" key down and you will be prompted to set it up. To check voicemail, you will also press and hold your "1" key to listen to messages.

15. How do you remove a SIM card?

• Phones with a removable back: pull to remove the SIM card.
• Phones without a removable back: requires a pin to push in and open the SIM card slot, usually on top or side of the phone.

16. How do you send text messages to Viaero customers from an email address?

• Enter the phone number into this address: number@viaerosms.com, ex. 13084679876@viaerosms.com.

17. What is a Hot Spot?

• A hot spot is device that is connected to an internet connection such as a mobile network and allows you to use the internet source to share with other devices such as laptop, ipad or other mobile device. The usage that is shared under this option is also billed under the customers plan..

18. How do I configure my Viaero wireless router?

• HUAWEI B683 -There are 3 versions listed, please make sure you know which one you are using as this will save you time and effort in fixing the problem. You can do this by going to the tabs and clicking on the System tab. Once you are there you can go to bottom of page and look at Router Software Version. The last 4 digits should be for versions sp01 and sp02 for 1st and 2nd versions.   The last 3 digits should be 122 for the most current version 3.  NOTE sp01 and sp02 you have to go into manual mode to make changes, by connected computer and router with an Ethernet cord.  You will then go to Settings> Dial Up> Preferred mode> Change to 3G only> Apply. The band will need to be changed depending on your area. WCDMA 1900 or WCDMA 850 you will be able to call 222 to get the correct frequency for your area the apply to save changes.
• Huawei B890 -> Log In Password is admin> settings>dial up>network settings> Preferred mode 3G (note this router does have a 4g option but it will try to connect to LTE we do not have LTE available). Select apply.

19. How do you make an international call?

• Dial 011, the country code, the 10 digit phone number and then send.

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