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Viaero Assurance Program

Its tough being a smartphone!

Assurance program

That’s why your smartphone needs the peace of mind that comes with Viaero’s Assurance Service Program, a membership program that protects you and your phone from anything and everything.
  • Protection against loss or theft
  • Protection against water or physical damage
  • Protection against malfunction
Assurance ensures your busy life stays on track with
  • Device Security to help you scan it, find it, or remotely wipe it (requires the SafeStore app)
  • Safe zones to alert you when your family devices enter or leave an area you designate (requires the SafeStore app)
  • Cloud backup and transfer of pictures, contacts, messages to your new device (requires the SafeStore app)
  • Same day priority shipment of your new device (when notified before noon)

Add peace of mind with Viaero’s Assurance Service Program. At only $11/month, Assurance actually costs you much less than going without protection. Have multiple phones? Then you'll appreciate that we have lowered the cost of lines 5 or more down to $7/month.

broken phone screen

Viaero’s Assurance Service Program provides you peace of mind several ways. In addition to our comprehensive equipment coverage, Viaero provides features that make the Assurance Service Program the best equipment service program available for Android and Apple devices. These features are provided through our partnership with Fortegra, another leader in device protection, using their ProtectCELL SafeStore app.

Features available to Viaero Assurance Service Program subscribers:
  1. Device Security Locate device by sounding an alarm or finding it via an online map, lock it remotely if lost or stolen, or even wipe the data, all through the SafeStore web portal.
  2. Caught In The Act Take a picture of whoever is using your phone with the front-facing camera.
  3. Cloud Backup 50GB online storage of your device contacts, photos, and videos.
  4. Safe Zones Be automatically notified when your family devices enter or leave an area you designate.
  5. Malware Scan For Android devices only, scan your phone’s apps for potentially harmful malware.

What else do I need to know?

  1. Assurance covers Apple devices through our partner Fortegra, which also provides extra services now included with Assurance
    • Apple customers will call 877-775-3274 to request a replacement phone (phone number will be provided starting this December)
    • The replacement charge will be collected by Fortegra over the phone
    • Fortegra will direct ship the replacement Apple device to the customer
  2. To offset the cost of multiple devices on one account, Viaero has lowered the cost of lines 5-10 by 36% to $7 per month per line!
  3. Assurance equipment replacement charges lower the cost of replacement when needed:
    • $50 for Basic/entry-level smartphones & tablets
    • $100 for mid-range smartphones & tablets
    • $200 for high-end smartphones & tablets

What stayed the same?

  • The program will continue as the Assurance Service Program
  • Coverage for loss/theft, physical damage, moisture damage, malfunction stays the same
  • Same-day priority shipping of replacement devices (when we are notified before noon)
  • Maximum # of allowed incidents, 2 in 18 months


Assurance Service

AppleCare +

 Eligible Devices

 Apple and Android

 iOS devices only

 Covered Incidents

 Physical Damage

 Water Damage



 Physical Damage

 Water Damage



 Cloud Backup



 Device Location Monitoring



 Malware/App Analyzer

 Android only


 Remote Lock/Unlock



 Caught in the Act



 Service/Replacement Charge


 $29/screen damage

 $99/other damage

 Monthly Cost

 $11/mo lines 1 - 4
 $7/mo lines 5 - 10

 $99/$129 up front

*New feature for the Viaero Assurance Service Program.

 assurance comparison graph

Replacement Costs without ASP based on purchasing a $1,000 smartphone on a 30-month installment contract and shows the monthly installment balances due for the original and replacement phone at different times over 24 months. 

Replacement Cost With ASP based on purchasing a $1,000 smartphone on installment contract with Viaero’s Assurance Service Program feature added and the $200 processing fee for replacing the phone at different times over 24 months.

Protect your investment in your smartphone even more by covering your phone with a case and screen protector.


I own an Apple device. How is Assurance for my Apple better than AppleCare+?

  • Get Loss/Theft replacement, which is not available through AppleCare+!
  • Get Priority Shipping replacement direct to your home!
  • Get 50GB Cloud storage for free!
  • Get SafeZone Monitoring (know when your phone leaves an area you set)!

I own an Android device. Why do I want to get Assurance?

  • Get the same great coverage and priority replacement you currently enjoy!
  • Get 50GB Cloud backup for contacts, photos and videos!
  • Get Malware and Wi-Fi network protection!
  • Get Remote Lock and Unlock of your device!
  • Get Location assistance and track your phone!
  • Create safe zones that notify you your device enters or leaves the area!

What is the processing fee I pay for each incident?

  • Basic phones and entry-level smartphones/tablets will pay $50 per incident
  • Mid-range smartphones/tablets will pay $100 per incident
  • High-end smartphones/tablets will pay $200 per incident

ASP customers with Apple devices will need to have a credit card ready to pay the processing fee when they contact the ProtectCELL customer support team at 877-775-3274.

Do I have to pay a different monthly fee if I have an Apple device?

No. All Assurance Service Program users pay the same $11 per month for first 4 lines with ASP and $7 per month for subsequent lines with ASP, which covers lost/stolen devices, physical or liquid damage to your device, and malfunction of your device, plus all of the great new benefits you receive.

If I have an Apple device, do I call Viaero’s Customer Care to report an incident with my device?

Rather than dial 611, Viaero customers who have Assurance Service on their Apple devices will call 877-775-3274 to report an incident and request a replacement. Or they can go to www.protectcell.com and request a replacement device online. 

Do I have to pay for the Assurance up front for my Apple device like I do with AppleCare+?

No lump-sum upfront payment is required. The Assurance feature charge is added to your monthly Viaero bill. You can remove the feature at any time.

How do I register my device to access the new features now available?

If you have Assurance Service already on your phone and you wish to use the new features available after 12/1/17, please do the following:

1. To access Device Security, Device Transfer, Cloud Backup, & Malware Scan (android only), download the SafeStore app for your phone. Click HERE to download the app for your phone.

a. Open the app and use the login credentials you received via email. If you haven’t received your login credentials, please contact the ProtectCELL customer support team at 877-775-3274 to verify your email address is correct in their records.

2. To lock, locate, and recover your phone, as well as set your SafeZones, log in through the web portal at safestore.protectcell.com using the same user name and password you use to access the app.

I have the Assurance Service Plan feature on my phone but I didn’t receive a welcome email. How do I access the ProtectCELL features?

If you have the Assurance Service Plan feature on your phone but didn’t receive a welcome email with your login credentials (username and password), we may not have your correct email address. Call the ProtectCELL customer support team at 877-775-3274 to verify your email address is correct. You should also contact the Viaero Wireless Care team by dialing 611 from your phone to ensure we have your correct email address.

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