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Going on a trip? Find out what you need to know about your service options before you leave.

Press and hold 0 until the + appears (or enter 011 while in the United States). Then, enter in the country code and the phone number you want to reach. Charges for the call will accumulate per minute. Rates vary from country to country. Click here to see what it costs to dial and text internationally.

If you’re on Viaero’s local network or using VoLTE roaming or VoWiFi, you can call Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico for free. If you’re calling another country, you’ll be charged per minute.

Rates vary from country to country. Texting to other countries within the USA, Canada, and Mexico is free. Exceptions include Student Unlimited, Lifeline, and some Prepaid plans.

If you’re not on Viaero’s local network, using VoLTE roaming or VoWiFi, you can only call other countries if you have the Global Connect feature, which is $10/month. You’ll incur charges per text or per minute for voice calls. Calls to Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico will not be free if you are not on Viaero’s local network. Rates vary from country to country.

Click here to see what it costs to dial internationally.

Most modern phones can use any network worldwide. Click here to check compatibility for each model. To see a list of countries where Viaero offers coverage and the rates, click here. Coverage in many countries is limited to populated areas and major roadways.

The best way to dial back to the U.S. is to use +1 (area code) phone number. For example, to dial Customer Service, you would dial +1-877-484-2376. To use the “+” sign, press and hold 0 on your keypad until the “+” appears. International calling rates will apply and are listed on the Global Connect feature page.

If you are trying to dial back to the U.S. on a landline, you must replace the "+" with the local international access code. Most countries use 011, but this is not the case for all.

Yes, as long as data is available. If you send or receive a picture message via MMS (multimedia message service) with the phone’s built-in messaging app, it will be charged as a text message. Sending or receiving a picture message via iMessage or another messaging app will be charged as data.

Yes, in most countries. However, some networks do not offer call forwarding. If your phone is turned on, you may incur charges for the time it takes to forward a call to your voicemail. You can access your voicemail as you would at home. Viaero provides calls to voicemail for free. Visual voicemail retrieval will be charged as data usage.

Your usage will typically appear on within 3 days. Please be aware that in rare cases, it is possible for the charges to take up to 30 days to appear.

Dial 611 from your mobile phone for free or +1-877-484-2376 from any phone.

  1. Use free WiFi networks to reduce your data charges. Also, turn off WiFi Assist.
  2. Check to see when your network displays as “Viaero WiFi.” When this shows, we will bill the call as though you were on Viaero’s network. Once you enable WiFi calling, turn on Airplane Mode and connect to a WiFi network. Wait about 30 seconds before placing your call.
  3. Apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, Google Hangouts, and Visual Voicemail use data and are charged at the per MB rate instead of the voice rate. The voice rate will cost less in the preferred countries listed on our Global Connect feature page.
  4. Receiving text messages is free but receiving voice calls is not! Ask your friends and family to text you if needed. You can call them back once you’re able to make a WiFi call.
  5. If your data loads slowly or maps, pictures and web pages do not load at all, we recommend waiting until you are on WiFi or in a new location. Data that is constantly attempting to load can add up quickly on your bill.

Remember to follow these tips while you’re abroad to keep your bill as low as possible. Please contact us at 611 or +1-877-484-2376 if something doesn’t work or if you have questions. We want to do everything we can to help make your international travel experience fantastic!

Yes. However, the numerous pictures and videos will quickly use a significant amount of data. We recommend using social media minimally or only while connected to Wi-Fi.

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