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On phones with a removable back, pull the back to remove the SIM card. Phones without a removable back require a pin to push in and open the SIM card slot. The slow is usually located on top or side of the phone.

Try to clear the cache and data on the app that is having problems. If that does not work, then uninstall any updates for the app. You can do this by going into your settings menu, then choosing apps, and manage apps.

If the app is a preinstalled app, you may have to disable it. Otherwise, uninstall it and see if the issue goes away. If disabling or removing the app does not work, you will have to factory reset your phone. Back up your data on an SD card or transfer it to an external storage device first.

There are several possible reasons why your phone’s data connection has stopped working. Here’s a few things to check:

  1. See if your mobile data connection is turned off or your phone is in Airplane Mode. If your phone is in Airplane Mode, you’ll usually see an airplane icon near the top of your screen, near the battery indicator and time.

    To turn it off, you can go into your Settings menu, go under “Connections” and tap the slider button next to “Airplane Mode” until it turns gray. On some phones, Airplane Mode may appear directly under the main Settings menu.

  2. If you’re traveling outside Viaero’s home network or have recently changed your calling plan, please call us at 222. We can verify your account settings and help troubleshoot your device.

  3. Check to see that your phone has a mobile data connection. Near the top of your screen next to the signal strength indicator, you should see LTE or 3G.

  4. Double-check your mobile networks’ settings. Go into your Settings menu, choose “Wireless and Networks,” then “More,” then “Mobile Networks.” Make sure the packet data has a checkmark by it. If it does, go to “Access Point Names” and check to see if the Internet APN is programmed. The Internet APN should be “”

The phone must be paid for in full and if it is under contract, then the contract must also be completely fulfilled.

If these conditions are met, please call our support line at 877-484-2376. We’ll check the phone and unlock it if it is a qualifying device.

Double-check to see if your mobile data is on. Pictures will only download when you are connected to the Viaero network. If your mobile data is active, check to make sure the MMS settings are populated.

You’ll find this under “Settings,” “Connections,” “Mobile Networks,” “Access Point Names.” You should see “Viaero MMS” listed underneath “Viaero Internet,” which needs to read “”

If you do not see these items populated correctly, please call our support team at 877-484-2376.

Check your mobile data or WiFi connection to make sure it is working. If you recently changed your email account’s password, it will also need to be updated within your app’s settings. The process of changing your password will vary by phone. For iPhones, check out this forum discussion on Apple’s site. For Androids, click here.

You can also try accessing your email from a computer. Double-check that the login information you are using matches with the credentials you’re using on your phone.

Also, within your email app, make sure that the sync feature is turned on. This is usually located under your email account settings or under “Accounts” in your general “Settings” menu. There should be an option to turn on “Auto Sync Data.”

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