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Receiving exceptional wireless and internet service is why you’re here. See the answers to common questions our care reps get.

General Service Questions

Yes, our wireless and internet plans require service agreements.

It depends. If you purchase a phone from us under certain conditions, we will ask you to sign a purchase contract. We won’t ask you to sign a purchase contract if you bring your own device or buy one at full retail price.

I Plan to Buy a Device at Retail Price
You won’t sign a purchase contract, but we will ask you to pay for the following:

  • Full cost of the phone
  • Taxes on the phone
  • Activation fee

I Want to Bring My Own Device
Signing a purchase contract isn’t necessary, but we will ask you to pay for an activation fee and sign our service terms and conditions.

I Plan on Purchasing a Phone on Viaero NOW!
With Viaero NOW!, you can purchase a phone on an installment contract. An installment plan lets you make low monthly payments on the phone. You also get the option to upgrade your phone after 15 months if the device is in good working condition.

You can also choose to keep your phone once you pay it off. At the time of purchase, we’ll ask you to pay:

  • Taxes on the cost of the phone
  • Activation fee

After this, we’ll add your scheduled installment payments to your monthly bill.

I’m Going to Purchase a Phone with Promotional Pricing
During some promotions, we’ll ask you to sign a service contract with us when you buy a discounted phone. We’ll always tell you when that’s the case, though, so you won’t be surprised at checkout.

Viaero NOW! is an installment payment plan for your phone. It’s an affordable way to spread out the cost of a new phone. Instead of paying for the full cost at once, you can make smaller monthly payments over time.

Plus, every 15 months you’ll have the chance to choose an upgrade! We do ask that you commit to a monthly purchase agreement to get Viaero NOW! pricing. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between buying your next phone on installment versus full retail price or BYOD devices.

  Viaero NOW! Retail Price BYOD
Upfront Costs Taxes & activation fees Full retail cost, taxes, & activation fee Activation fee
Additional Payments Monthly installments None None
Early Upgrade Available every 15 months Available any time Available any time
Contract Installment purchase agreement None None
Early Termination Just pay off remaining installments None None

All taxes for Viaero NOW! phones are based on the phones’ retail costs. The installment contact only applies to your phone, not your plan. You can change your Viaero phone plan at any time, although certain rules may apply.

We’ll request you follow these guidelines:

  • Activate your phone on one of our current plans.
  • Have no history of suspension for non-payment during the past six months.

If you have another contract with us, we may ask you to return your original device or equipment unlocked. You’ll need to remove all your personal data from the device and possibly pay off the phone or any early termination fees. However, this doesn’t happen often.

Yes, usually. If you switch to Viaero and bring your own phone, we just have to check to verify your phone is compatible with our network. The phone must also be unlocked, which means you have to own it outright if it’s from another carrier.

To learn more or find out if your phone’s compatible, call our Customer Care team at 1-877-484-2376 or visit a Viaero store near you.

Yes, Viaero’s network is Voice over LTE (VoLTE) enabled, which means you can enjoy HD voice-quality calls and faster connections between VoLTE-capable handsets on an LTE connection.

  • All phones Viaero currently sells are VoLTE-capable, but if you have an older phone or a phone from a different carrier, it may not be. We recommend checking with your Viaero store representative to find out if your phone is VoLTE-capable.
  • Calls between two VoLTE-capable phones from Viaero on our LTE network will experience crystal clear audio.
  • Calls between a VoLTE-capable phone on our network and a VoLTE-capable handset connected to another carrier’s VoLTE-enabled network will also experience crystal clear audio.

As long as you are in the United States, Canada, or Mexico, we do not charge roaming fees. Exceptions include Student Unlimited, Lifeline, and some Prepaid plans. If you plan on visiting another country, you can purchase international coverage.

Viaero VMail and Premium VMail

With our Viaero VMail service, you have more options to listen to your voicemail. Besides dialing in to listen to your messages, you can have voicemails automatically delivered to your phone (also known as visual voicemail) or your email. You can even read transcriptions of your messages with Premium Viaero VMail.

With the voice transcription available with Viaero VMail Premium, your voicemails are automatically transcribed to text. You can read your messages quickly instead of having to listen to the entire voicemails. This is especially convenient when you are in meetings, a noisy environment, or just unable to listen to your voicemail. Once you try it, you’ll never want to listen to your messages again.

  1. Select the menu button in the upper left corner (3 horizontal lines).
  2. Select Greetings.
  3. The greeting that is checked is the one that is active.
  4. To add a new greeting, select the green circle with a notes symbol inside, then select Add Greeting.
  5. Select the Greeting Type (Active, Temporary, or Default)
  6. Type in a description of your greeting.
  7. Press "record" to record your new greeting. Press "Upload" to upload a previously recorded file. Hit the Play button to review your greeting.
  8. Press the green '+' to save your greeting or press the blue 'X' to discard and start over.

  1. Press and hold 1 to dial your phone number from your phone.
  2. Follow the prompts to create a password.
  3. Record your name or greeting.

Yes, you can. Just call your phone number from your Viaero phone or press and hold 1.

Yes! Visit and enter your phone number and password. You can listen to your messages and manage other voicemail settings.

If you don't like listening to voice prompts, here is the complete list of voicemail options:

Main Menu

1 – Listen to Messages
3 – Send a Message to a Mailbox
7 – Play the Current Date & Time
9 – Setup Your Voice Mailbox (Access Setup Menu)

Listen to Messages

1 – Listen to New Messages
2 – Listen to Saved Messages

Message Playback Menu

1 – Play the Message
2 – Save this Message and Play the Next Message
3 – Delete this Message and Play the Next Message
4 – Save this Message as New
5 – Return this Call
6 – Forward the Message to Another Mailbox
7 – Skip Back in Message
8 – Pause Message
9 – Skip Forward in Message

Mailbox Setup Menu

1 – Greeting Options
2 – Change Your Password
3 – Edit Your Notification
4 – Change Your Auto Login Option
5 – Change Your Language Settings
6 – Edit Distribution Lists
7 – Edit Your Outdial Number
8 – Record Your Name

Robocall Protection

We’ve partnered with Transaction Network Services (TNS) to implement a solution that identifies unwanted or illegal robocalls before they reach your phone. TNS works with wireless carriers to prevent fraudulent, abusive, intrusive, and unlawful calls from getting through to their customers.

No. Some robocalls are legitimate or wanted (for example, schools sending information to parents or doctors’ offices confirming appointments).

The solution we’ve implemented will block calls classified as Scammer/Potential Fraud. Calls rated as Scammer/Potential Fraud come from those who deliberately violate state and federal laws regarding auto-dialers. These callers may also be attempting to commit identity theft or fraud.

Additionally, calls rated as Spammer will go straight to voicemail. These calls are generally not illegal but are nearly always unwanted (think “your car’s warranty may already have expired!”).

Spoofers also fall into the category of Spammer and will go straight to voicemail. These types of calls knowingly use misleading or inaccurate Caller ID information.

You will still receive robocalls, but the vast majority of unwanted robocalls should be blocked or sent directly to your voicemail instead of ringing on your device.

The analytics and technology behind our robocall protection solution is not 100%. As time passes, the technology will become more adept at blocking a wider range of unwanted calls. You can report unwanted calls to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) online at

We also strongly advise you to not answer any calls from phone numbers you don’t recognize.

For additional questions, you can call 222 from your Viaero phone to reach our Tier 2 technical support representatives.

You can also reach out to your local Viaero Store or call us at 1-877-484-2376 for assistance in reaching our Tier 2 representatives.

No. Subscribers are not allowed to use the Viaero network to make robocalls and will be removed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when caught.

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