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Got questions about Viaero’s coverage? Find out where you can get local, national, & global service.

We have local, nationwide, and global coverage. For information on international dialing and travel options, please visit our GlobalConnect page.

No, there are differences between our Best/Better/Ultra Unlimited plans, Student Unlimited, Share More, and Prepaid plans.

Our Best/Better/Ultra and Prepaid Unlimited plans include calling to and from Canada and Mexico, while Student Unlimited includes nationwide calling and coverage.

ShareMore plans work like Best, Better, and Ultra Unlimited. Your coverage includes calling to and from Canada and Mexico.

Prepaid plans with data buckets include nationwide calling and coverage.

If you’re traveling outside Viaero’s home network, your phone will continue to work where we have partner coverage.

However, if you permanently move outside of our home network, we may recommend starting service with a carrier that serves your area.

Yes, you’ll still receive voicemails and be able to retrieve them. However, there might be an occasional delay with your voicemail notifications on your phone. This can be due to variations in signal strength, network availability, and routing delays.

It depends on your plan. Since most of our plans include nationwide calling and coverage, you won’t incur additional charges while traveling and dialing numbers within the United States. However, if you have a data bucket limit, you may see additional charges for any overages.

Usage of your phone outside the United States may result in additional charges for voice calls, texts, and data. Charges can vary according to your plan’s terms and the country’s rates through our GlobalConnect service.

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