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Home Internet

  • Choose your Internet speed
  • Stream movies, browse and game online
  • FREE Installation, No Up-Front Equipment Fees
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  • Bundle with 1 line of Better, Best, or Ultra Unlimited & get a FREE TV. Click here to learn more!

Stream movies, play games, and do whatever you need to do online with ProConnect, Viaero's *unlimited, high-speed home internet service. This is a new service currently available in select markets within Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Wyoming. Please note that this is a "line of sight" service, so one of our technicians will do an on-sight evaluation before service is setup.

What does it cost?

Pricing for ProConnect *unlimited, high-speed home internet is based on the speed you need.

5Mbps = $35 per month

Best for casual internet use, such as surfing the web, checking social media, and occasionally streaming movies and TV shows.

10 Mbps = $45 per month

Best for typical internet use, including connecting multiple devices and streaming movies and TV shows.

15 Mbps = $65 per month

Best for online gaming or streaming from multiple devices at the same time.

25 Mbps = $95 per month*

Best for online gaming or HD streaming from multiple devices at the same time.

Already a Viaero customer? You can save $5 a month for bundling your services.

If you are interested in unlimited data and would like to know if you are located in a ProConnect service area, please call us at 877-842-3765find a store near you or submit a Request Pricing form. You may also choose a ProConnect speed below, which will then request an address for service. Note, this is an initial check of coverage. If the system allows you to place an order online, one of our representatives will be in contact to gather additional information and conduct a manual coverage check which will include looking at distance to tower, elevation and line of site. A final check will be performed by one of our installation techs at your actual location.

Once we confirm your address can get fast, uninterrupted internet access, we'll schedule a time for one of our professional technicians to install the router at your home and set up your connection.

High Speed Home Internet Router and Antenna
How does it work?

Like satellite, Viaero ProConnect is a line-of-sight service. But unlike satellite, your data doesn't have to travel thousands of miles and doesn't require the bulky dish. The ProConnect router/antenna is a small box that simply attaches on the side of your house facing our closest tower.

Because the device needs to be mounted on the house, we will need permission from the building owner before installation.

Also included is a wireless hub that will be placed inside your home to allow you to connect your Internet devices.

AirTV player

AirTV Player!

Restrictions and Exclusions Apply.**

Get setup with ProConnect service and purchase the AirTV player for only $39.99 after discount.
Your AirTV player includes a one-time $25 subscription credit from Sling TV and gives you access to Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and more streaming services. Stream your favorite entertainment at home right on your TV. 

Free Installation!*

And no up-front equipment fees.
*Requires 30 month contract.

Choose your monthly plan

ProConnect Internet


Per Month

  • Unlimited High Speed Internet*
  • Choose Your Speed Below
  • Ask about our AirTV Player

*Usage in excess of 15GB in one day may result in slower speeds due to network availability and capacity. 

Choose your Speed
  • Choose Plan Features


Per Month

  • Replace your landline with our wireless home phone service. 
  • Bundle Home Internet with Home Phone service for a $5 per month discount.
  • Choose nationwide long distance, premium voice mail and/or a features bundle below.

  • Choose Plan Features

Prices shown do not include taxes.
*Available in limited areas depending on site survey and approval. Usage in excess of 15GB in one day may result in slower speeds due to network availability and capacity. A $10 monthly equipment fee will appear on your bill for a period of 30 months. Free professional installation by Viaero gives you peace of mind that the signal is as strong and as uninterrupted as it can be 
Business Pricing for speeds of 25 Mbps and up are available by request.

Requires subscription to a ProConnect unlimited home internet service plan starting at $35/mo. Discounted AirTV player $39.99 requires purchase of ProConnect unlimited home internet service plan and purchase of AirTV player. Discounted AirTV player for $19.99 requires purchase of ProConnect unlimited home internet service plan, one line of Unlimited (Better, Best or Ultra) or Viaero Share More service and purchase of AirTV player. Discount applied to Viaero bill for AirTV player purchase. Access to Sling TV, NETFLIX and additional streaming services requires separate purchase.  

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