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About Viaero Wireless

Viaero Wireless
 has one of the newest networks to be deployed in the Mid-Western United States. Our recently upgraded network spans southern and eastern Colorado, most of Nebraska, northwest Kansas and southeast Wyoming.

All this to bring one of the most technologically advanced diverse networks ever deployed to rural America. The technology consists of 4G|LTE HSPA+ Dual Carrier sites that can supply your phone or tablet with the best Internet speeds in the industry, along with talk and browsing capabilities that most carriers can’t support. Nearly the entire Viaero Wireless network consists of diverse paths to carry the traffic to the end user. This means fewer outages and shorter interruptions of service. To make the most of this modern network, Viaero Wireless carries the latest phones and Internet routers that can be purchased on this website or at any local Viaero Wireless store.

Plus, we have launched our Viaero High Speed Internet Service to bring this new technology into places that have never experienced high speed internet until now.

Viaero Network

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