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Global Connect

International Roaming with Global Connect FAQ

1. Will my phone work while traveling internationally?

First, your line must have Viaero’s Global Connect feature active. Second, your phone must be capable of using the networks in the countries in which you will roam. Click here for specific information for each handset and each country.


2. What is Viaero’s per-minute rate for international roaming and where can I find this information?

All international roaming rates are listed here.


3. When roaming internationally can I call home to the US?

Yes, international roaming rates apply. Please refer to Viaero.com to view these rates.

4. When roaming internationally can I call to other countries?

Yes, customers with Global Connect can call other countries while roaming.

5. Can I send and receive text messages while roaming internationally and what is the charge?

Yes, international roaming rates apply. Click here to view these rates.

6. Can I send and receive picture messages while roaming internationally and what is the charge?

Not at this time, but this feature is coming soon.

7. Can I access the internet while roaming internationally and what is the charge per Mb?

Yes! Visit our GlobalConnect page to see our international roaming data rates. If your phone is Wi-Fi enabled you also have the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi connection where available (local charges may apply).

8. How can I check my pending international charges? Can I see this on myviaero.com?

Yes, it should appear within 1-3 days after usage occurs.

9. How long does it typically take for international roaming charges to show on my bill?

It can take up to 3 days after usage occurs to reflect on your account.

10. Will someone be able to leave me a voicemail when I am roaming internationally?

Yes. However, be aware that if your phone is turned on, you will be charged for the call from the US and the forwarded call back to the voicemail platform in the US, or two charges for every minute. If you don’t want these charges, Viaero recommends you turn your phone off while roaming internationally. This tells the switch to route your call directly to the voicemail platform without routing it internationally.

11. How do I access my voicemail while traveling internationally?

You can dial your voicemail as usual. You can also dial 0119704679449 from another line. International roaming charges will apply when you call.

12. How do I contact Customer Service while traveling internationally?

Dial 611 from your cell phone or call 1-877-484-2376. You may also dial 0119704673299.

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