Promotional Details

• Gift Card Promotion & $0 Down with Viaero Now!

*Requires activation on Viaero Now! installment program or 24-month contract. Customer must mail in gift card rebate form within 90 days of purchase; please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. Account must be in good standing when rebate form is processed. Gift card rebate cannot be combined with handset trade-in credit for the same purchase. Gift cards may be offered in multiple increments of smaller amounts. Offer ends 01/10/2015 or while supplies last.

$0 Down with Viaero Now! purchases: applies to new lines of activation only; taxes and fees are additional.

$200 gift card - qualifying devices: Apple iPad Air (4G), Apple iPad Air 2 (4G), Apple iPad Mini w/Retina (4G), Apple iPad Mini 3 (4G), Samsung Galaxy 10" Tab 4 (T531). Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3, LG G3, HTC M8.
$100 gift card - qualifying devices:
Samsung Galaxy 7" Tab (T211).

Not responsible for typographical or pricing errors; in the event of pricing errors, Viaero Wireless reserves the right to cancel or refuse purchases for the affected product.

• 4X More Data Than Verizon®
“4x more data” claim based on a 10/1/2014 comparison against Verizon’s More Everything plans up to 40 GB.

• SWITCH FOR up to $550 (ETF/phone trade-in)

     To be eligible for Early Termination Fee (ETF)/phone trade-in credit, you must:

  • Port a qualifying post-paid number to Viaero
  • Provide your qualifying, unlocked phone to your Viaero sales representative at the point of sale
  • Activate with Share More rate plans
  • Purchase a Viaero smartphone using an installment plan or 24-month contract
  • Fill out and mail to Viaero the ETF Credit Application/Contract Buyout Form within 90 days of activation along with documentation that clearly shows the ETF charges from your existing carrier
  • Fill out and mail to Viaero the Handset Credit Form within 90 days of activation
  • Maintain your account in good standing with Viaero for a minimum of 60 days and be active at the time we process your ETF Credit Application and Handset Credit forms
      NOTE: This promotion has a maximum eligibility of five lines per account. 24-month handset installment agreement required per line.

Viaero Now! customers purchase device(s) in 24 installment payments, the first of which is due at purchase. Customer is eligible for a Viaero Now! upgrade after completing 30 days of the installment contract but must pay the dollar amount equivalent to 12 installment payments. Customer must be on a Viaero More rate plan or new High Speed Internet Data Plan. Customer in a 24 month contract must fulfill 12 months of the current contract. Viaero NOW! customers may process an upgrade but must fulfill 12 months before processing another Viaero NOW! Upgrade unless early payments are made. Customer cannot have been suspended for non-payment within the last 6 months. Customer must return original working device. Device must be cleared of all customer data and passwords. A master reset will be performed on the device. If the device is not in working condition and is enrolled in ASP, the customer must pay the ASP claim fee to proceed with the Viaero NOW! upgrade. If the customer would like to leave the Viaero NOW! Program, the Installments for the line or lines of service must be paid in full – no Early Termination Fees apply as the Installment Amount remaining on the line or lines of service is in lieu of the ETF. Current termination policies apply.

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