Get Four Smartphone Lines - with Unlimited Data - for $160!

If you have a family, you need smartphones with LOTS of data. We're offering four lines with UNLIMITED data for only $160 month! No sharing, no hassle. And, when you switch to Viaero and trade in your current smartphone, we'll give you up to $600 per line -- including phone trade-in credit -- to cover your early termination fees (ETF).

Terms & Conditions

Four Lines for $160:
Regular price for Unlimited Everything Plan x 4 lines: $210. A $50 discount will be applied to your account for 24 months. Promotion not valid on tablets or home units. Must port number(s) to Viaero and enroll in an installment plan or 24 month contract.

To be eligible for ETF credit, you must:

  • Port your postpaid Verizon or US Cellular number to Viaero
  • Provide your unlocked Verizon or US Cellular phone to your Viaero sales representative at the point of sale
  • Activate with either the Viaero Intro Data or Unlimited Everything rate plans
  • Purchase a Viaero smartphone using an installment plan
  • Fill out and mail to Viaero the ETF Credit Application/Contract Buyout Form within 90 days of activation along with documentation that clearly shows the ETF charges from your existing carrier
  • Fill out and mail to Viaero the Verizon Handset Credit Form within 90 days of activation
  • Maintain your account in good standing with Viaero for a minimum of 60 days and be active at the time we process your ETF Credit Application and Verizon Handset Credit forms
NOTE: This promotion has a maximum eligibility of five lines per account. 24-month handset installment agreement required per line.

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