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Bundle services to save money

Save More with Four 

When you bundle 2,3, or 4 services you can save up to $360*

It’s Easy.  

When you choose a cell phone and add a tablet you can save $5 each month off of your bill for $120 savings over two years. Add a second and third service like high speed internet and your home phone and save up to $360 over two years.

Bundling Service examples:

  1. Cellphone and tablet = $5 per month savings
  2. Two cellphones and two tablets = $10 per month savings
  3. Cellphone, tablet and home Internet = $10 per month savings
  4. Cellphone, tablet, home Internet and home phone = $15 per month savings

Bundle with Viaero – the best coverage with the best deal in town.

*Customers are eligible for a $5 monthly discount for every two services combined. Combine Smartphone & Tablet, Cellular Service and Home Phone, Cellular Service and High-Speed Internet, or Home Phone and High-Speed Internet and get $5 off your combined monthly services. Combine all four and get up to $15 off your combined monthly services for a total of $360 over 2 years. Monthly discount is off combined service fees, not each individual service fee. If one of the lines is terminated then the discount associated with that bundle disappears. Other restrictions may apply, visit a Viaero store for more details.

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