Customer Loyalty

We've just made our commitment and offers to existing customers better than ever!
We do more than say we value our customers… we really do appreciate your business! We think it’s important to repay your loyalty to us. We so appreciate our customers that we’ve put together these awesome rewards for you. Your main line and all dependent lines can get rewards; just consult the table below for details. Not only will you save money every month on your Viaero Wireless cell phone plan, you’ll get a reward, too! The more lines you add the greater your rewards. It’s our way of saying thank you to our customers in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas.

  • Early Eligibility
    In the 20th month of your contract you qualify for a reward when you renew. Have a shared account? All other dependant lines qualify for a new reward in their 20th month.
    Depending on your monthly recurring charges(MRC) you will be pre-qualified for an awards discount amount.

    If The MRC Is: Primary/Individual Line Reward Dependant/Shared Line Reward
    $85.00 or more $50.00 $25.00
    $85.00 or less $30.00 $15.00
  • Lowest Phone Price Available
    Your Viaero Value Rewards phone discounts are applied to the lowest price available on any phone of your choice. This includes special promotion phones.
  • Use Leftover Rewards, Don't Lose Them
    Any unused Viaero Value Reward discounts may be used as a one-time discount for charges on your account.
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