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About Viaero Wireless


On the farm.

Viaero is about flexibility and always giving you trustworthy service. Our network is extremely reliable and will keep you connected.  We’re a local company that’s committed to giving you a flawless wireless experience. We’re committed to making sure that our services and devices perform the way you want them to. That’s what we do. We give you choice, flexibility and honest service that you can trust - always.

Every morning out on the farm, or along the country roads that lead you to school drop-off or work, Viaero connects you. We’re a local company from the heartland that gives you personal freedom. Our local stores and our customer service call center, offer solutions and technical support when you need it most.

Just like a good friend and neighbor, we’ll keep you connected with family and friends because we are where you are.

Fast Connectivity with Viaero’s 4G|LTE Speeds

Viaero is also about giving you the highest speed and best connectivity possible. So, we’ve been building coverage by adding more towers in more places. We also include more data on our Shared Plans than competitors, as well as, Unlimited Data Plans.. That’s the type of value you get, and connectivity you can trust.

Family PlansFlexibility Comes in Your Choice of Viaero Plans

Because we want to give you the most choice and flexibility, you have a range of plans with options that fit your life. You can choose whether to have a contract or no contract and in a plan that fits your and your family's needs.  

Trust Comes From Our Competitive Rates That Meet Your Budget

Your cell phone plan must agree with your budget – and we get it. That’s why you can trust that our plan rates will cost you less than the competitors.  We have you covered with great rates, special discounts and true savings. 

Viaero supports local sports.Viaero Cares for Communities and Their Culture 

On Friday nights you’ll see the whole town come out for the big game under the lights. It’s the best night of the week, and it’s when neighbors and friends get together for good times and good cheer. It’s a scene that occurs in high school stadiums in every town, every week. That’s why Viaero sponsors local events and employs locally. Because we’re about caring and making sure that we’re true to the local community - just like our neighbors and customers. 

Frank DiRicoPresident's Message

Thank you for choosing Viaero Wireless as your 4G phone and internet service provider. For too long the rural wireless subscriber has been ignored and forced to accept mediocre services. Our commitment is to provide our markets with end-to-end coverage and anytime access to wireless services surpassing anything our rural subscribers have ever experienced.

Viaero Wireless has been in business since 1991, first under the name NE Colorado Cellular, Inc., and then as CellONE. As a long time cellular phone provider Viaero Wireless remains committed to providing superior products, outstanding coverage and delightful customer service to the residents and businesses of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska.


Frank DiRico, President Viaero Wireless

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